Level I

Ideal for students auditioning for honor ensembles, festivals, talent show, etc. requiring no editing.

One Hour Session with: Stereo Recording, 1 camera, audio/video synced, time stamp of desired take. Receive your audition video in 24 hours.  Does not include post production work, or editing between takes. Additional time needed? No problem! $50 for an additional hour.

Level II 

Ideal for students auditioning for advanced competitions, festivals, or scholarships.

One Hour Session with items above plus post production work, multitrack recording with light mixing, artificial reverb with EQ. 2 revisions allowed. No tuning (as this is an audition tape and you will want to demonstrate how well you play/sing in tune). Need additional recording time? $75 for additional hour.

Level III 
Price based on project.

Ideal for College, Jazz and other ensemble Auditions. Also appropriate for Non-classical Students and Accompaniment Track Auditions.

Additional camera and editing services upon request.  Contact us to customize your recording experience.